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it’s summer, and so of course, it’s hot outside. so hot, in fact, that you need to cool down a bit. and what could be more fun, or more an expression of summer than cooling down during an exhilarating summer water gun fight? maybe you just need to entice the kids to get out of the house so you can have a little mini vacation of your own. regardless of why you need water guns, five below is the best place to get them. we have water guns together with a vast number of other items that will let you get soaked to stay cool and have some serious summer fun, all for five bucks each or less!

maybe you want to protect your eyes while you’re engaging the enemy with water pistols. grab a goggle mask to keep your eyes safe and clear for aiming, and find it at five below for just five bucks. maybe you want to amp up the summer fun with a soundtrack for your showdown in the back yard. we have fantastic deals on terrific wireless bluetooth speakers, and each is just five bucks! maybe you want to protect your phone from errant spray. we have waterproof phone pouches too, and guess what? they’re just five bucks or less! pretty much anything you need to get a fun injected into your life this summer is available at five below.

and the best thing about shopping for your summer or any other time of year, is that at five below, everything sold on our site costs just five dollars or less. so it’s not only easy to pick up everything you need for a backyard water fight with the kids, but you also won’t need to worry about breaking your bank doing it.