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it’s summer! the summer season means so many things to so many people. and while the best things in life may be free, many of the things you need to enjoy those things simply are not. but at five below where everything on the site is just five dollars or less, you can enjoy those free things by stocking up on all the summer supplies you need without breaking the bank. after all, making summer the season to remember is even better when everything you need to enjoy the water, the sun and your friends costs just five bucks or less!

it makes no difference if you’re shopping for vacation essentials, outdoor toys and games, beach towels, summer fashions, flip flops and sandals, pool floats and toys, summer entertaining equipment and supplies, beach accessories, summer essential products like sunscreen, pool accessories and swim goggles, water guns, summer beauty products, or tech products that are splash proof. at five below, we have you covered for less money than you’d spend elsewhere. in fact, everything we offer is just five bucks.

having an epic summer is all up to you. we believe in the combined power of longer days, shorter nights, warmer weather, sunnier skies, and you having the best time possible. making this summer one to remember is an attainable goal worth going after. slip into your flip flops, grab your waterproof cell phone bag, your splash-proof bluetooth speakers, your water gun, your beach towel, and your sun screen, and get to the park, lake, river, beach, or backyard and get after it. summer fun is only available for a limited time each year! make fun while the sun shines and remember to shop five below for everything you need to make this a season to remember, and do it for just five bucks an item!